Green Roof wins Premier’s Sustainability Award for Built Environment

So great the Victorian State Government has an event honouring people doing positive things for our planet.  We felt like rockstars when the spotlight hit our table, as the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change called out our name. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Green Roofs started taking over rooftops. If our Central Business District had Green Roofs on all skyscrapers the temperature of our city would drop! Little by little we could do this by regulating all new apartment blocks and office buildings with mandatory Green Roofs. And older buildings where possible, could have retrofitted Green Roofs. Great for the environment and the mental health of the population. Amazing how five minutes in the sunshine, surrounded by plants, insects, birds and a big sky, can calm the mind and instil happiness.

Some of the neighbours gathered on our roof to celebrate. We passed around our beautiful trophy and talked about how lucky we were. If you live in an apartment and would like help retrofitting a Green Roof please ask.


Smart Blocks, a website developed to help apartment buildings live more sustainability, just posted us on their website:




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  1. Victoria s most highly recognised annual sustainability awards across business, government, health, education and the community. Australian Youth Climate Coalition Switched on Schools Victoria Building a generation wide movement by empowering thousands of high school students to engage with climate change and take meaningful action in their communities.

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