The green roof plan

After much deliberation and some great design work from our resident architect Stuart, we finalised our green roof plan.

We came up with a plan to achieve a combination of sustainability and usability outcomes, be within our budget (just) and respond to various building restrictions.

One of our goals was to cover as much of the roof as possible but unfortunately the budget did not quite stretch enough, however three quarters is covered – large enough for everyone to enjoy. Most of this will be indigenous grasses in a soil substrate of 160mm and two grassed lawns for use by all residents.

The structural engineer advised we could not have a green roof over the smaller bedrooms of apartment 14 and 17 because the roof slopes slightly for drainage at these points and the concrete slab is thinner here. However we can have decking in those positions.

Crushed rock paths will be used to cut walkways through the plantings with stepping stones used as secondary pathways.

Planter boxes will allow for larger plantings and vegetables and will be placed above structural walls able to bare the additional weight.

Seeing the plan finished is an exciting time for the team, as everything starts to feel a bit more real!

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  1. Great website. Congratulations to everyone involved. Xx

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